A Perfect Love Affair

Often stated, "Little girls and horses, ... A Perfect Love Affair." I totally agree! At age 3, I fell in love with them and wanted to have a horse farm when I grew up.  The following year, I started riding and have never looked back. My curiosity continued to grow as did my self-confidence and sense of responsibility.  I dreamed of riding, could smell horses 24/7, and was always at the farm in my thoughts. 
Riding daily after school, my skills as an equestrian improved rapidly. One afternoon, my parents checked me out of school early.  With no explanation, we drove 45 minutes to the farm.  There was a long haul horse mover there and a tiny red headed woman I later met.  She was my horse trainer’s friend and had driven from Atlanta to bring a horse for me to try.  

I had ridden many different and advanced horses by age 9; however, this one was an exception. 
Appropriately named, "Crispy Critter" was as fresh and full of life as I had ever ridden. Three-quarter Thoroughbred, he threw me 5 times in the barn before I got him to the ring. He was from the U. S. Equestrian Team and was offered for sale since he had out grown the pony category.  Although my parents were skeptical, he was PERFECT!  

Needless to say, "Crispy Critter" gave me quite an education over the next four years. Learning the value of teamwork and of "being present to image where I wanted to go" was pivotal.

Today, as I paint and draw horses I still feel the excitement and enthusiasm I did as a child. And, I continue to enjoy a lifetime of this “Perfect Love Affair.”

Amanda Comer