Passions for POLO...

The Point Clear Polo Club was just starting when I was a young girl.  My mother and I would throw a blanket and watch the matches.  As we sketched the horses, my father took action photos for our reference later.  My mother was quite an artist in her day, and did mainly commission work.

Understanding the value of TEAM WORK (the player and his pony) and trusting what my eye saw versus what I thought I saw was pivotal. I finally realized how important it was to "get out of my thoughts, and to get into the moment!"  

With this mindset, the fluidity and passion were present as I made gestural strokes to reference the moment.  If I stopped to think, my process of visually recording would be altered. There was a proper time to analyze the drawings and paintings, but not during heat of the moment as the polo ponies thundered down the field headed to the goal.  "All in proper order," my mother would say.

Amanda Comer