I love ‘perfect timing’...


I was amazed to hear her voice message:   " ...B'Beth, I'd like to have you paint "Middle Bay Lighthouse" for the Community Foundation of South Alabama's 2017 Beacon Award.  Each year, this award is given to a business or corporation which embodies the spirit of philanthropy, and recognizes organizations that are a beacon of light and inspiration for the growth and process of the community while also creating a culture of giving with it's employees." As I replayed the message (a couple of times before I phoned her back), I was amazed at how 'perfect timing' presented itself once again in my life! 

Just that morning, I held a large painting workshop at Marriott's Grand Hotel for participants of an International Medical Conference.  And, poetically, the subject they wanted to paint: "Middle Bay Lighthouse."  Usually when I teach painting workshops, I perform a demonstration to illustrate various techniques during the painting process.  Today was no exception. Not only was the theme consistent, I had an oil painting ready when I got the call!  For artists, that never happens....


Having been born in Mobile, AL and having spent more than an equal amount of time between Mobile and Point Clear, I had the pleasure to enjoy "Middle Bay Lighthouse" at a distance, fishing from a boat, and from from a sailboat as we rounded the mark in races. However, today it was more 'up close and personal' - combining the past and the present!

This year, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians received the Beacon Award.  For years I’ve been interested in their philanthropic efforts, the work of their tribe and Tribal Council, and was thrilled to finally be able to visit with them and learn more about these causes. I was thrilled to finally be able to meet members of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians hear about their efforts firsthand! It was such a unique opportunity to learn and grow personally. Needless to say, I am honored to have been chosen as the 2017 Beacon Award Artist and grateful to realize the power of  'perfect timing.'  This has been such a welcomed surprise and blessing on many levels!

This year, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians receive the Beacon award.

This year, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians receive the Beacon award.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2017 Beacon Award Ceremony at the Battle House Hotel, meeting with members of the Community Foundation of South Alabama, learning more about their assistance in our area, and meeting members of the Porch Band of Creek Indians and their Tribal Council. As I say in my Gifted Masterpieces Workshops, we are 'threaded together' like a beautiful masterpiece; however, the treasure is when we realize it, and there’s a much larger goal!

Amanda Comer