A Bird’s Eye View... “Women Bridging Worlds”

A few years ago through my work with the United States Sports Academy, I met a fantastic woman and renowned painter: Mina Papatheodorou Valyraki. We instantly bonded over our love of art, travel and Greece. Our friendship continued to grow, as did our conversations surrounding a joint exhibition of our art. This year, we finally decided to open that exhibit, and chose Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti, a famous gallery in Athens, Greece as the perfect location for this exhibition.

We named this project “Women Bridging Worlds” in homage to the artistic and cultural crossroads we both share as two women from different countries who joined together in bridging our art, friendship, cultures and contributions in other countries.

Inspired by the beautiful colors of the sea, landscape, and cityscapes in Greece, I was able to produce thirty-nine paintings for this exhibition! The paintings were new additions to my well established “Urban”, “Prismatic”, and “Landscape” series. 

By far the most challenging part of this project was not creating the work, but delivering it safely across the Atlantic! It took a small village to deconstruct, pack and crate the canvases, and then another village to finally get them released from customs and install them! After that adventure, the rest of the experience was smooth sailing. 

After many hours of dedication, gallery work, months of correspondence with Mina and the Gallery, meetings with journalists, videographers and television producers, “Women Bridging Worlds” opened March 16 with standing room only both inside and outside the gallery! We could not have asked for a better evening with patrons, dignitaries, international art collectors and friends all joining to celebrate the inauguration!

Our show ran thru April 14 and I was lucky to spend the majority of the month in Athens. The sea, sun, and landscape is always calming to the soul and inspired me to come back home and paint, paint, paint! I met so many new friends and fellow art lovers in Athens, but of course the best part of spending time in Greece: time with my precious daughter! 

I cherish all the moments surrounding this special exhibition, and the opportunities that have blossomed as a result. In fact, it has been suggested that we bring “Women Bridging Worlds” to America. I am thrilled to have joined my dear friend and fellow United States Sports Academy and American Sport Art Museum artist Mina in this exhibition, and am honored to have been the first American Artist to exhibit in Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery in Athens, Greece.

Although the details for my next international exhibition have not been announced, I look forward to sharing that news in the near future. I love what I do and am grateful for the wonderful national and international opportunities as they present themselves! Stay tuned...

Amanda Comer