On Friday 16 March 2014, 7pm, the “Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti” gallery opens the exhibition “Women Bridging Worlds” hosting works by Mina Papatheodorou-Valyraki and B’Beth Weldon. This is an artistic and cultural crossroad where two women join culture, art, and friendship. Both are members of the Art Committee Board for the United States Sports Academy (USSA), and both have paintings in the American Sport Art Museum and Archives (ASAMA). 

“Both artists wish to express in their own genuine way and fully distinctive unique style.” Mina as well as B’ Beth catch the initial stimulus and transfer it on the canvas without imitating one another; each one relies on her personal perception and manages to send over the sense that derives from their individual perception and touching the viewer’s inner world” reports Margaret Drillia, an art critic-archaeologist.

“Mina’s work expresses her passionate personality and consuming devotion to the theme’s deeper meaning revealing the absolute likeness of microcosmic details to the whole.” Italian art-critic Giuliano Serafini explains while discussing with the artist. “Detail reveals a gesture, a ‘memory’ of your actions, actions which epitomize the necessary time and space of the creative art. Each painting engulfs many other paintings which could be acknowledged as separate and completed artistic works.”

Likewise, “B’ Beth’s new artwork works linger between abstract and figurative art, bringing out the theme’s true nature through the use of an abstract, yet personal visual style.” Art critic Dora Iliopoulou - Rogan also writes: “All Weldon’s works share an instinctive inner pulse, regardless of her artistic phase. It is a pulse bringing life to the composition from within, creating an idiomatic rhythm which excludes any decorative elements.”

During the exhibition Mina Papatheodorou-Valyrakis will exclusively present her silk scarves “Silk Scarves - MinaPV +TDS.” Both artists will also present small size works of applied art.

Both Mina and B’ Beth create four-dimensional works, including length, width, depth, and duration. They both manage to combine three-dimensional space (the two dimensional canvas and the sense of depth created by they brushstrokes) with time, creating a perfect whole: Mina through her theme’s speed -in the sense of the distance an object travels in a given time and B’ Beth through her transcendental images.”

(Partial Translation in English)

Amanda Comer