Gifted Masterpieces

“Gifted Masterpieces Workshops: where participants forget their limitations as they step out of their comfort zone and stretch beyond the borders established by their challenges and society.”


In 2010, B’Beth created Gifted Masterpieces Workshops giving people of all ages with intellectual or physical challenges the opportunity to paint with her. These workshops encourage inclusion and provide inspiration not only to those with special needs and challenges, but to critically ill patients, their families, and support groups as well.   

Numerous organizations in the Southeast have invited B’Beth to conduct workshops on site including the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute, USA Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Infirmary Health’s Thomas Hospital, and Camp ASCCA (Alabama’s Special Camp for Children and Adults). B’Beth has also taken Gifted Masterpieces to China and Europe teaching her program, holding workshops, and captivating people across the globe. These workshops create a welcome distraction, creative platform and tranquility during their uncertain time.  

Quotes From “Gifted Masterpieces” Workshops

“Painting involves fine motor muscle control and mental processes similar to those used in mastering sport skill. Gifted Masterpieces helps people with disabilities develop those skills.”
Glenn M. Roswal, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Jacksonville State University, and Past President of SHAPE America

“B' Beth Weldon is an amazing, talented and acclaimed artist who gives back in so many ways. Her "Gifted Masterpieces" program allows children facing life threatening illness such as cancer to have meaningful "distraction therapy" as they battle their disease by having a world class painting workshop, orchestrated by B'Beth. The workshop brings laughter, smiles and love to everyone involved and is a healing event for the pediatric patients and their families. Often, physicians, caregivers and family members participate in painting these Gifted Masterpieces alongside patients. This signature event has touched the lives of many children, providing them hope, inspiration and motivation as they fight for their lives. I have had the privilege of knowing B'Beth my entire life and working with her on this program over the last few years; there is no one more giving of her talent than B'Beth Weldon....a special artist on so many levels. The USA Mitchell Cancer Institute counts B'Beth as a special friend and partner as we fight to treat cancer and provide hope and compassion to our patients.”
Margaret M. Sullivan, Associate Director, Cancer Control and Prevention, USA Mitchell Cancer Institute, Mobile, AL

“Children see the world differently, especially when they have learning or physical disabilities. Often they cannot put into words their feelings or thoughts. B'Beth Weldon has found a way to let these special children express themselves through the “Gifted Masterpieces” program. She helps them put paint on a canvas in a way that gives them joy and pride in the art they have created. Parents stand by beaming with pride as their children show off their masterpieces. The Thomas Hospital Pediatric Rehab Department has enjoyed collaborating with B'Beth for several years and display some of these works in the Rehab department. Art helps heal and this program is a shining example of an artist who chooses to share her talent with children and the entire community.”
Kathy Baugh, Director, Thomas Hospital Foundation.

"If I took a picture of the children you have assisted in creating their Masterpieces, there expressions are worth millions of words. You helped these children express what they had in their mind and their heart and translate it onto the canvas. Some are more able than others, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is the look of sheer delight when the brush is in their hand, guided by your assistance, creating something they never thought they could create. Your patients and love for helping these children is a precious gift. Every day, the therapists, patients and parents look on the collage on the wall and see a true expression of love." 
Rich Rammel, Physical Therapy Services Manager, Thomas Hospital, North Baldwin Rehab

"Watching B'Beth work with our Campers is a amazing. Her happiness over what she sees becomes very inspiring to the kids. Everyone involved has a great time... Always a special day!"
John Stephenson, Administrator, Camp ASCCA